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Emergent Bridge Funding

Getting Great People Into Great Deals


We want to partner with you in the same way we've been partnering with other banks. When you are unable to give a customer financing, point them to us for their short-term bridge loan.


Learn more about why banks are so important to us, here.



 We fund highly ethical and motivated entrepreneurs who are looking for the missing piece in their real estate venture. Get the financing you need, today!


Learn more about why borrowers are so important to us, here.


We look at our brokers as one of our key team players. We're always looking for inovating ways to partner and succeed together. Expanding our network of brokers is very important to us.


Learn more about why brokers are so important to us, here.


Private Lending - North America's Premier Lender

For the past 8 years, we have been helping real estate entrepreneurs get great deals. From our modest beginnings as a buyer of bank-owned properties in Chicagoland, we have become one of the premier sources of capital in North America. Unlike lenders who take a cookie-cutter approach to lending and use a rigid formula, we look at each deal on its own merits. We seek creative ways to finance your dreams. Our attitude is “let’s find a way where everyone can win.”

People say the nicest things… 


“High integrity with an entrepreneurial heritage”

                                                                                   Carl Viard

                                                Investment Consultant



“Their rates are lower and they get right to the point. They communicate with you well, so they know what you want. Anyone who wants to do a rehab, I advise you to go to The Bridge Funder.”

                                                                       P. Tate



“Already committed substantial financial resources and can be trusted to wisely invest the resources of others.”

                                                      William J. Steeves

        Bell Aliant, Division of Bell Canada, CFO (retired)