If you're a real estate broker and want to add another lender to your portfolio, we're exactly what you're looking for. We look at our brokers as one of our key team players and work very closely with them to ensure everyone wins.


We want to help you help your clients. We love win-win situations and do our best to ensure everybody wins. Let us be a part of your success and help you bring more financing options to your clients.


We love building relationships with the people we work with and we can't wait to add you to our team! 


Being in the game for the past 8 years gives us a serious advantage in the market. We've been fortunate enough to have strong values since the beginning that have earned us a reputation of being:


  • Easy to work with

  • Getting the money in your client's hands in as little as two days after receiving all application documents

  • A win-win situation creator

  • In it for the long run


Choosing Emergent will bring your company/organization to the next level!



Making money in real estate requires a combination of deal-making skills, street smarts, business acumen, persistence, and determination. If you’ve got these traits, you don’t need your own money. 


We fund highly ethical and motivated entrepreneurs who are looking for the missing piece in their real estate venture. We want to help you expand your portfolio and take on more properties with the help of our industry experts. We have the capital, you have the deal and that's why we're the perfect team. 


We have multiple sets of professional eyes evaluating each deal. We have kept many clients from getting into marginally profitable or risky projects. We know real estate backward and forward, and we know what looks like a winner and what looks like a loser. If the deal doesn’t look promising going in, we tell you not to invest in it. Hope is not a strategy. 


Our 3 main types of transactions:


1. Acquisition & Rehab (preferably to re-fi & hold, alternately to re-sell)

2. Rehab (property already owned)

3. Cash out refinancing (usually to make the property mortgageable for a long-term loan)


Here are some reasons why clients call us:



  • We are easy to work with

  • We are not driven by arbitrary deal criteria

  • We are less expensive than a 50/50 equity partner

  • We offer consulting and coaching services that improve your odds of success. We’ve done hundreds of deals, so our consulting comes from tried and true principles we ourselves use.

  • We approve deals fast, usually within two days after the paperwork is completed

  • We won’t steal your deal, ever

  • We seek creative solutions where others see roadblocks and reasons to say “NO”

  • We have systems that allow you to see real-time metrics while a deal is in progress

  • We want you to make an obscene fortune and do deals with us for a lifetime

  • You benefit from our speed, flexibility, and know how. And, of course, our access to cash.





We Partner with Banks Everyday.


We've been helping banks all over the U.S. get more commercial loans out and improve their customer service.  


Our clients usually vary from 2-8 unit buy and hold (or buy and sell) commercial real-estate investors. And, in our experience, several of our clients originally applied for funding from banks but because they fell short in a few small areas, the bank was forced to reject them even though they wanted to help the prospective borrower. Luckily they found us. The problem is, you probably get several applications for loans you really want to give out but they don’t quite line up with your bank’s standards. That's where we come in. We help banks by offering an alternative when you're not able to help a client who needs financing. Obviously we still have a strict application process and are very responsible with who we lend to but we are able to do these conventional banks are unable to.


We want to partner with you in the same way we've been partnering with other banks. When you are unable to give a customer financing, point them to us for their short-term bridge loan. Then, after they fit into your criteria, refinance them with long-term debt. You get more loans out, we get more loans out, and your clients get more deals financed. 

The 5 Benefits Of Partnering With Emergent Bridge Funding: 

1. Customer Service: When clients are walking away with funding when they wouldn't have before, your customer satisfaction will increase substantially. 


2. Get More Commercial Loans Out: Once we help your clients become more mortgageable, you'll be able to refinance them out with long-term debt from your bank.


3. Reliability: We have an extensive record of reliable businesses and sources that attest to our reputation of being safe, knowledgable, and reliable resources for the financing needs of the Chicagoland area.  


4. Helping the Little Guys: Helping clients who wouldn't otherwise get financing puts them on a more even playing field when it comes to other larger real estate entrepreneurs. 


5. Growth: The combination of the above benefits give you the competitive edge you need to stay ahead of competition.