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Where we're located...


1 Northfield Plaza, suite 455 Northfield, IL 60093


Tel: 1 (800) 581-0657

Here are some reasons why clients call us:


  • We are easy to work with

  • We are not driven by arbitrary deal criteria

  • We are less expensive than a 50/50 equity partner

  • We offer consulting and coaching services that improve your odds of success. We’ve done hundreds of deals, so our consulting comes from tried and true principles we ourselves use.

  • We approve deals fast, usually within two days after the paperwork is completed

  • We won’t steal your deal, ever

  • We seek creative solutions where others see roadblocks and reasons to say “NO”

  • We have systems that allow you to see real-time metrics while a deal is in progress

  • We want you to make an obscene fortune and do deals with us for a lifetime

  • You benefit from our speed, flexibility, and know how. And, of course, our access to cash.