The 4 Essential Parts of Private Lending

Private lending is all about partnerships. Since the day Emergent was started we have been looking for partners all around. We continually add key players to our team, but there are 4 essential parts of what we do that create incredible opportunities for our business to thrive and to partner with incredible people.

1. Partner means teammate: Becoming a piece of what happens here at Emergent brings with it co-dependence; our success is your success (and vice versus). This means we are heavily invested into our deals. We do everything we can to make you're successful. Every phase of completion occurs with us by your side.

2. Reliability means coming through: We always insure your deal is a good one before getting you into a contract. If you come to us with an opportunity, you can trust that we'll come through on the good ones and steer you away from the bad ones.

3. Deals mean money all around: We pride our selves on excellent premium pricing that ensure everyone gets paid. From capital partners to our general contractors, we work our hardest to ensure there's enough to go around.

4. Client means relationship: Our business thrives when we become the primary resource for the real estate entrepreneurs we finance. We're not interested in simple transactions, we focus on lifetime value.

We are fortunate to have had these 4 principles at the centre of Emergent since the beginning and didn't have to learn the hard way. Contact us now and join our team today!

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