Growing Our Network of Real Estate Entrepreneurs

A messge from our Senior Managing Partner: "Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like to always have the ability to capitalize on a great real estate deal fast and effectively?

For the past 8 years, we have been helping real estate entrepreneurs access great deals. From our own beginnings as a buyer of bank owned properties, we have become one of the premier sources of capital in America's heartland. Unlike lenders who take a cookie-cutter approach to lending and use a rigid formula, we look at each deal on his own merits.

We at emergent believe everyone who works hard and smart deserves the opportunities to be successful. We are building a clientele of ambitious, talented business partners who have found/access/shaped opportunities to create wealth and jobs and who are already proven, even when the banks are unable to help them, especially on the acquisition side.

We have systems in place that stay with you each step of the way. Success in business is about relationships, loyalty, and results and we are very generous with our network. If we have an opportunity to share our circle of contacts with you, we will be very happy to do that if it means you can enhance your success. Because there is a lot of room at the top…it is the bottom that's crowded.

If you don't have any experience rehabbing houses don't call us.

If you don't have cash or other any skin in the game don't call us.

If you have an entitlement mentality and are afraid to take responsibility for your results, then don't call us.

If you would rather count what your partners can make than count the money you could make, then don't call us.

If you are experienced enough to get the cheapest private funding, but would rather use half of your cash to do it, then call us.

If you're willing to pay your funding partner a little bit more than you're used to and be able to do twice as many deals, then call us!

Now is the time to grow your business and now is the time to reach out to partners who are willing to help.

We want to build a relationship with you that will lead us both to a higher success. So ask yourself, do you want to get into more great deals?

Click on our apply now tab today, or call us at 1-800-581-0657"

Getting Great People Into Great Deals

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