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Because Emergent is in the business of dealing with borrowers of all sorts, we meet real estate entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. We also see deal after deal walk into our office. The question is, if there are so many deals out there and so many entrepreneurs taking advantage of them, why does the system seem to not be working? Peter Linnemen says, in his paper entitled Some Observations on Real Estate Entrepreneurship; “All too often, people seek a cookbook approach to entrepreneurship: “Just do these things and you will become a billionaire!” But this is as foolish as saying someone will be a star quarterback if he is the right height, weight, speed, IQ, and so on.While these factors tend to be correlated with success, they are far from perfect predictors. There is no formula for great quarterbacks, as they come in many sizes and shapes… Successful entrepreneurs generally look at things differently from other people. While most people see how things are, entrepreneurs see how they could be.” 
 What this means is there are some other factors that bring success to fruition outside of circumstance and availability. If you’re going to try and tackle the real estate industry looking at things the way you read in a book, you’re never going to make it to the next level; you may not make it to any level at all. From our experience, one of the best moves entrepreneurs make is finding the right partner. Yes, this is the part where I say “we are the partner you’re looking for!” but I’m also saying more than that.

If you want success in your life and in your business, great partners are essential! Let’s take a look at a monster of a Thesis written by Michael Kazmierski at MIT entitled The Paths and Characteristics of Real Estate Entrepreneurs. In this thesis, Kazmierski reviews several case studies of great real estate investments and almost every single successful multi-million dollar deal mentioned, there are SEVERAL key players/partners involved. If the best of the best do it, so should you. 

Call our firm, send us an email, or fill out our application on our website and start the process of reaching the next level of success in your business.

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