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International Needs (in) is an incredible organization that we have been partnering with for quite some time now. One of Emergent's main goals is city development. Part of the reason we do what we do is to help Chicago and cities like it grow. We turn vacant houses into income properties, which helps the neighborhood and the economy grow towards success. In the same way, we wanted to partner with an organization that was doing this around the world. International Needs fits that bill perfectly.

Here's a few important things you need to know about this organization and what you can do to support them: (An excerpt from their website)

For over 40 years, International Needs has been working to free children, their families and communities from the damage and cruelty of civil strife, poverty and disease. In regions of civil conflict, stagnated by pagan traditions and unfathomable poverty, we build relationships based on mutual respect with community leaders and use this foundation of trust to improve the quality of life in the community.

International Needs Canada respects the leadership of our indigenous partners who live and work in the communities we wish to serve, recognizing their unique understanding of the cultural challenges that might otherwise arise. As these leaders seek to implement strategies for change, we offer encouragement and resources to accomplish the goals that are embraced by the community. International Needs is firmly committed to the principle that dignity arises when people have real choices. We walk alongside communities in need, empowering people to build futures of hope and purpose for their families. We practice and promote partnership – effective, supportive, symbiotic partnerships that encourage the oppressed, feed the hungry and care for the sick.

Partner with us

You can partner with us today by becoming a child sponsor, participating in a development project, supporting our work to help communities become sustainable, or participating in a Discovery Tour. Your support encourages our partners who are working to break down incredible barriers – barriers of poverty and disease. Hope rises when we achieve results.

(End of excerpt)

Thank you for learning more about global initiatives that help push communities to new heights!

Getting Great People Into Great Deals

- Emergent Bridge Funding Team


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