We partner with banks. We work with loan brokers. We help real estate entrepreneurs expand their portfolio. We have a wide range of skills that make us very versatile.


We want your business to grow, which ever category you fall into. The greatest thing about doing what we do is getting to be a part of so many win win situations. We're so excited to partner with you on whatever dreams or goals you or your organization are aiming for. We seek creative ways to finance your dreams. Our attitude is “let’s find a way where everyone can win.”

Our Mission

Emergent believes everyone who works hard and smart deserves the opportunity to be successful.


We are building clientele of ambitious, talented business partners who have found/accessed/shaped opportunities to create wealth and jobs who are worthy of their opportunity, even when the banks are unable to help them.

John fulfills the role of being the Senior Managing Partner and focuses on partnerships that help everyone win. He and his team have gone through thousands of loan applications and have seen great people get the financing they needed. John is well educated.


John holds a B.A. with a focus in Economics and Political Science, as well as an MBA with an emphasis on Marketing and Finance, and mostly recently completed the Directors Education Program at the Institute of Corporate Directors.


He prides himself in keeping up to date with current events that directly affect the economy and different economic publishings that, along with his formal education, make him an excellent consultant in the finance world. Contact:

John serves as our General Counsel. He is a well-known real estate attorney in the Chicago area.

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Ben is our new addition to the team. As Managing Partner, Ben is responsible for business development. He has much experience in wholesaling, demo court, tax certificate sales, along with new and rehab construction deals. He was a licensed appraiser for over ten years which has allowed him to gain the knowlegde and understanding necessary to make wise judgement calls on current and potential deals. He is currently a real estate broker, a licensed mason, and a licensed general contractor.  Contact: